Our Partners

Technology Partners

We work very closely with industry leading travel technology suppliers to allow our TMC clients to scale their business with their existing supplier partners.

Reselling Partner

Element is our authorized Reselling Partner based in the UK. We work very closely with Element to establish trust and provide tool implementation and support for our global TMC clients. Element will work with you to implement Zenmer in a smooth and timely manner. Post-implementation they continue to engage with you to maximise the business benefits of the solution. Element offers complete and relevant training to your staff, from configuration right through to sales, so that you can maximise the business benefits you generate from the technology.

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ProcuRX is our authorized Reselling Partner based in Israel. ProcuRX offers a variety of process improvement services, right from sales to post implementation engagements, ensuring best ROI for TMCs to run their business travel programmes for their corporate clients.