About Us

"Zenmer powers thousands of transactions each day"

Why we're doing this?

We believe that the old methods of running travel processes are getting replaced by the new technology revolution happening in the travel industry. We would like to be always at the forefront of driving such innovations to build solutions that enhances the user experience and saves time and money for travelers and managers alike.

What are we focused on?

Zenmer is a Travel Technology company focused on building innovative booking solutions for the TMCs and corporates by powering it with most advanced technologies that are shaping the travel industry today. Our main focus is to give our products a consumer-grade user experience, which seems lacking in most legacy booking tools. One such step is to launch our solutions as DIY SaaS products because every other solution is sitting in silos and it's time such technologies are open to use on your own.

Our products allow TMCs to connect with all the three GDS's, direct airlines and aggregators to bring an intuitive one-stop cloud based booking tool for the their internal team members and their corporate clients, over both web and mobile apps.

How did it all began?

Our team started building B2C, B2B and Corporate Booking tools for a single TMC in Feb 2016. In early 2019, we started offering its solutions to other TMCs and currently driving over 1000+ transactions per day across 200+ corporates through our TMC clients using the Zenmer web and mobile apps over the cloud. Our team has over 25+ years of combined experience in the travel industry.


Nikunj Agrawal

Founder & CEO

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